Field Notes

Field Notes

Hello again! Or maybe "Hi Mom" since she may be the only one still reading this little blog of mine. (Ha!) Anyhow, I'm resolving to make time to blog as it is something that makes me happy, and who doesn't need a bit more happy after the last couple weeks, right? Here are a few things I'm loving at the moment. 

WEARING - Sweaters! We finally have some seasonal weather in Dallas. I love when it's cool enough to wear a sweater without breaking a sweat, but not so cold that you need a coat. In other words, it's been perfect around here. (Loving this one; a total splurge but oh-so-pretty.)

READING - The Pact by Jodi Picoult. My mom actually recommended this one; she couldn't put it down. It's been out for several years; I'll report back with a review.

RECOMMENDING - The Ninja Coffee Bar. I've used a Keurig for years, and it's been just fine. But this coffee maker is so much better - I can make fancy coffee that rivals Starbucks at home...lattes, iced, anything. My current go-to is an iced caramel macchiato, my favorite at home afternoon treat.

COVETING - The entire Loren Hope Hana Collection. I especially love the earringsP.S. Loren Hope is having a trunk show at Nordstrom in Dallas the weekend!

DESIGNING - Squarespace sites! I've been using Squarespace for several years now for both my blog and website. It rivals Wordpress, but is all in one (with no need for separate hosting.) I'm planning to write a more in depth post about why I love the platform soon. In the meantime, you can browse some of my recent projects here.

PRIMPING  - Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Booster. I've tried a ton of products on my dry skin, but flakes and rough patches seem to always prevail. This is the only thing that has ever worked; I add a couple drops to my current daytime and nighttime moisturizers. I'm using it in my body lotion when my skin seems extra dry, too. It really does make a huge difference.

COLLECTING - I'll be adding Domino's newest coffee table book to my collection, ASAP. Isn't that cover so pretty? This will be also a perfect gift for my decor loving friends.

SHOPPING FOR - Baby girl clothes! I have a niece on the way (due in January) and can't get over just how darling the clothes for girls are. I love shopping for my toddler nephew, but little girl clothes are a whole new world and much more fun. (How sweet is this jumper? Swoon.)

Have a lovely weekend, friends!