RewardStyle vs. ShopStyle

I've been a part of the blogging community for ten years. To say blogging has changed is a complete understatement -- back then there was no Pinterest, no Instagram, and almost no making money through blogging. Now, it ranges from occasional blogger (raises hand) to influencers who make millions. I work with new bloggers, designing their blogs & branding, on a weekly basis and get the same question over and over: how can I make money on my blog? There are a thousands of articles on this topic, but I want to share this post for my sweet clients that are just starting out. 

Two popular networks (there are many, you guys) are RewardStyle and ShopStyle Collective. Both allow bloggers to earn a commission for placing links to products on their sites. Both sites have widgets you can use on your blog for "shop" pages or in your blog sidebar, or for shopping your Instagram feed. Here's the cliff notes version on the difference between the two:


Bloggers need to apply for and be approved to use the network. You typically need to be an established blogger, with at least a couple months of posting under your belt to be accepted as an influencer.

You're paid a commission based on purchases, which means you won't earn anything unless your reader buys something.

ShopStyle Collective

There is no approval process; you can sign up and start adding links to your blog immediately, making this program especially great for a new blogger.

You're paid a commission based on clicks, so you make money based on how many people have clicked your links.

Update-August 2018: It seems you must now be approved by ShopStyle, and must have at least 3 months of blogging under your belt.

Most new bloggers I work with sign up with ShopStyle Collective right away, and then apply for RewardStyle later down the road. I use both on a regular basis and find if there's something one doesn't do, the other does.

I hope this little overview is helpful; welcome to the community, new bloggers!