Hello friends  -  thought I would do a quick catch-up post to say hello after a week of gift guides. The hardest news to share is that my dear grandmother, Gram as we called her, passed away on Friday morning. I literally woke up thinking about her that day, for some reason thinking "It's December 1st. Gram made it to another December." We thought we were going to lose her over the Summer, but she recovered many times over, so this felt a bit unexpected. I wish I could put into words just how very special she was. I have so many happy memories with her, and so many inside jokes that we shared, that when reflected upon make me want to burst into tears and laugh simultaneously. She was lovely and kind and was adored by anyone lucky enough to know her. It's been comforting reading so many wonderful stories and words about her via friends and family offering their condolences over the last couple of days, and it's clear she touched a lot of people. We all miss her dearly. Thank you to my sweet clients that have allowed me to put things on hold for the last couple days. I truly appreciate all the messages and kind words.