Field Notes

I woke up this morning and had no idea what day of the week it was. It's been one of those weeks where it's going so fast but so slow at the same time. (Anyone know what I mean?)

I was never really into the animated version, but I saw Beauty and the Beast anyway. Guys, I LOVED it. Big heart-eyes emoji love. Not to get too deep, but it's so beautiful on so many levels -- I held it together but I could have cried more than once. 

I'm slightly obsessed with these ruffle sneakers. The pink ones are especially cute, and apparently popular since they're sold out. I think I'd like to snag a pair of the navy.

From my desk...a new website for Andrea Smoak. We went crazy with the brushed gold detailing and I really dig how it all came together. P.S. My Spring design sale is still happening!

Loren Hope can do no wrong. Her Spring collection is unique and a perfect nod to the season. These statement earrings caught my eye immediately.

It's been prematurely warm here in Dallas. It's too early for the upper 80s...I'd prefer a few more 70 degree days before we get into the Summer heat. I've worn shorts almost every day this week and now realize I need to invest in a few new cute pairs (like these) before Summer is here for good.

My sweet little nephew turns 2 on Saturday and I can't wait to celebrate him. He's so smart and such a joy; I think he's really going to have the best time at his baseball themed party. It's fun that he "gets" it this year, and oh-so-cute when he proudly exclaims "TWO" when asked how old he's gonna be. (P.S. Found the cutest birthday candles ever.)