2018 Goals

Kiki & Co. - 2018 Goals

With the new year, comes resolution talk, so naturally, I'm writing down a few of my own here. Getting them out in the open will help me make them happen, right? And yes, we're 10 days into January, so this post is possibly a bit late but I'm putting it out there anyway.


Focus on health. 

(Shocking, I know.) But I mean really focus. Really make an effort. I had my moments last year, but I vow to make this the year that I figure out what really works for me and what makes me feel best, both mentally and physically. This goes beyond a diet...it's more about wanting a shift in my overall lifestyle. After having chronic shoulder and neck pain for over 2 months, I have more appreciation for good health than ever. At the end of this year, I want to look back and be proud of myself.


Go to bed at a decent hour.

I have seen waaaaay too many 1 or 2 am bedtimes because I was sitting at my desk working late. I've realized now that staying up late to work actually doesn't accomplish anything, because I'm tired from the day and not as creative. An earlier bedtime/wake up is much more productive for me. Sometimes stepping away from the computer until morning is truly the best idea.


Get together with friends more.

We're all "so busy", right? Well, even on my busiest of days, I've never regretted stopping to meet a friend for lunch or coffee. I plan to make more time for getting together with friends, and to wear the "social chair" hat for our group this year. I'm starting with scheduling a group dinner every other month so we can all get together and catch up.


Save, save, save.

I have a tendency to fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to spending on things I don't need, and that is definitely changing in 2018. My plan is to budget and save more this year than in the past, and really consider if I actually need something before I put it in my cart. (I'm looking at you, Target.) 


Re-Connect On Social Media

Ever since the algorithm change, I found myself not putting effort into Instagram. I have a tendency to post when something pretty comes along, but honestly most days are just normal days without anything particularly fun to share. I recently asked for some health advice on Insta Stories and got so many kind, thoughtful replies. It reminded me that algorithm or not, it's a wonderful community and worth investing in. I don't plan to spend more time there, but when I am scrolling through, I will engage more via comments and likes.


So there you have it. Can you relate to any of these? As always, if you've enjoyed this post, please tap that little "like" button to let me know, or even say hello in the comments below.