Happy New Year!

I hope the first week of 2018 is treating you well! I am truly happy for the fresh start a new year brings. Although I have a nagging shoulder injury as a parting gift from 2017, I'm looking forward with hope and optimism. 

I spent a good chunk of the holiday break thinking about my little studio, and have completely overhauled my creative process and offerings to be more streamlined and focused on providing the best design outcome possible. I learned endless lessons last year, and am graciously thrilled to put them to use this year.

Truth be told, I thought I was going to hang up my blogging hat once and for all, but after mulling it over, I've decided I do still love it. I may not have the time to post everyday, or the ground breaking content that most bloggers do, but it is still a creative outlet for me. It's nice to come here and put together a pretty product collage or share something that inspired me, even if my mama is the only one reading.

If you're here and you see something that you like, please do say hello, or even just tap that little like button at the bottom. It will help me know what posts you like and want to see more of.

Happy 2018, friends! May we all enjoy good health, joy and success this year!


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