Blogger Design Questionnaire

The questionnaire is an incredibly important step in the process; it allows me to understand your site goals and overall aesthetic. This is a "more is more" situation, as in the more detail you provide, the better the overall outcome will be.

Please take your time thoughtfully answering the questions below. Thank you!

Name *
Please list 3 websites you like the look & feel of
Pick Your Color Palette (See Chart Below for Options)
Home, About, Contact, Etc.
If you've ordered an Instagram feed, let me know what you'd like the title of the feed to be. (Example: Day to Day | Behind the Scenes | @dear_kcs)
If you've ordered the about photo for your sidebar, please let me know what you'd like the title to say. (Example: Meet Kelly, Hello, Etc.)
If you've ordered a blog post signature, please let me know what you'd like it to say. (Example: Kelly, xo Kelly, (Heart Icon) Kelly, Etc.)
Which social buttons would you like to include on your blog? *
Do you use Pinterest? or @dear_kcs
Account Details
Notes to Kelly

Primary & Secondary Colors

These shades work for everything, and will be the primary color(s) in your logo, as well as the color of links and social buttons.

Kiki & Co.

Accent Colors

These soft colors are best used for backgrounds and borders.