Frequently Asked Questions


Should I use Blogger or Squarespace?

I love both for different reasons. Blogger is a free publishing platform with really great features.  If you’re just starting out it’s definitely the best one for you. It’s incredibly user friendly and covers all the basic blogging needs.  I used Blogger for over 5 years and really loved it.

Squarespace is a paid platform, which means you pay monthly or annually to use it. It offers more bells and whistles than Blogger - galleries, slideshows, even E-Commerce.  I use Squarespace for this site and my blog. If you’re ready to take your blog to the next level, need a website or portfolio or want to open an online shop then it's definitely the platform for you.


What's the turnaround time on a design?

This is a tricky question because no two sites are alike. Some take a few weeks, some take months. Many factors determine the timeline for the project, including how many revisions you require and how complicated the site it. I'll work with you to set benchmarks throughout the process to keep things moving at a steady pace and will do what I can to speed up the process to accommodate and launch goals you may have.


Can we set up a call to discuss my project?

I'm currently only accepting projects by email at the moment. I've found email enables us to have all our correspondence to look back through while I'm designing to ensure I never miss a detail. (Trust me, there are a lot.)


How will you know what I want my site to look like?

We'll begin the process with my design questionnaire. The questions are designed to provide me with an in-depth understanding of your design aesthetic and needs for the site. I'll send you proofs throughout, from the mood board to the final draft, to make sure every detail is perfect.


I’ve decided on a platform. How do I start the design process?

To place an order, simply review my design terms and fill out my order form.


I saw a design feature on another blog that I like. Can you add that to my blog?

It depends. Some things are only possible on certain platforms or would require a developer to do. If you have a special request, feel free to ask, but please understand it may not be possible. Chances are, if it isn’t something listed on my site, it’s not a service I offer.


I purchased a custom domain (.com), can I use it?

Yes! I can help you set it up or you can purchase domains directly from either platform as well. 


Why don't you work with Wordpress?

Long story short? There are too many moving parts. Wordpress requires separate hosting and an outside developer to execute the site design, making it a more expensive process. I've been designing on Squarespace (and using it for my own sites) for a few years and can achieve a similar result using custom coding and graphics without the need for outside hosting, expenses and resources. It's a win, win!