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How It Works


We'll begin the process with a design questionnaire that will allow me to understand your aesthetic, goals and vision for the site. We'll also collaborate on a Pinterest board, and I'll create a mood board to inspire us and set the tone of the project.


Once we've gathered all the inspiration and the aesthetic is set, the designing officially begins! I will send mock-ups and live previews of the design throughout the process, and we'll go back and forth collaborating on edits to ensure the perfect result. 


Once you've approved the template design, I'll get to work refining it for mobile and prepping for the launch. I’ll also deliver any files, the video tutorial and share helpful tips & tricks so you're able to make the most of your gorgeous new site.

My Mission

I'm hoping you're here because you've connected with my work in some way, and if you have, chances are we have a lot in common. Here, you won’t just be another client on the calendar, you’ll be a valued part of my business. You'll be allowing me to challenge myself to create something lovely, and tailored just for you. I'm not a studio of ten people, each working on piece of the puzzle. It's just you and me—we will create your beautiful site together.

Kiki & Co.