Catching Up

Kiki & Co Creative / Journal / Hello Friend No. 1

2017 has gotten off to a busy start. I've launched a few sites this month, including this one; I'll have a fun before and after to share of it soon. I've been trying new things within my designs, mainly the back-end coding stuff that makes everything work, and it's been really challenging and inspiring. 

The big news around here is the baby watch we're all on. My sister-in-law was due last Friday, so we're all waiting for "the call" that she's in labor. I can't wait to meet my new niece and see my nephew become a big brother. We spend so much time guessing about what his reaction will be; I'm sure our hearts are about to double in size. In the meantime, we're having fun stocking up on all the fun girl things. I recently bought this. Hearts and black & white stripes? Yes please.

I've been thinking a lot about blogging and social media lately. I've whole-heartedly missed blogging and am happy to be back at it. I'm having mixed feelings about Instagram though. Natalie wrote a really great post about it. I'm pretty disappointed in the whole algorithm change; it sure seems to be what's caused the change. I've also seen an influx of people and brands interacting on a superficial level in an effort to gain followers and it truly bums me out. It's gotten to the point of me considering making my Instagram private, in an effort to have a closer knit community there. Anyone else feeling "meh" about it all? P.S. I officially like Instagram Stories better than Snapchat.

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