Hello, 2017

Kiki & Co. - Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Like many, I'm thrilled for the start of the new year...and for the kick in the pants it often brings with it. I have habits to change, closets to clean out, design work to do and the birth of my niece later this month.

I went through a strange blogging phase last year...changed the name of my blog, and the posting was pretty sporadic. Over the holidays, I contemplated whether or not I even want to blog anymore. I considered just giving it up, but ultimately decided I want the option to post and if anyone besides my mother and sister-in-law reads it (hey you two!), well, wonderful! I've added this little journal to my studio site and will be blogging here from now on. It's nothing fancy -- just a place to come to share thoughts and things with you from time to time.

I'll get back on a regular schedule later this month. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed happy & merry holidays, and a wonderful start to 2017. Cheers to a brand new year!

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