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Kiki + Co | Squarespace Designer

Welcome to Kiki + Co, an independently run creative studio in Dallas, Texas, offering stylish design for bloggers, small shops and creatives.

My creative path started when I began blogging over a decade ago, and designed my own blog. Friends began asking me to help with theirs, which eventually led to websites and working with the lovely clients I design for today.

When not working, I love spending time family, friends, and my darling nephew + niece. My studio mate is a scruffy rescue pup named Tucker, who enjoys naps under my desk and the occasional mid-day game of fetch. I love Tex-Mex and a good margarita, have an affinity for flats over heels, and collect coffee table books and pretty stationery.Thank you for stopping by—I hope to work with you soon!

P.S. Curious about my studio name? Read about the meaning here.


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