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Kiki + Co | Squarespace Designer


The design process begins with a questionnaire that will allow me to understand your aesthetic, goals and vision for the site. We'll also collaborate on a Pinterest board, and I'll create an inspiration board to set the tone of the project.


After we've gathered inspiration and the aesthetic is set, the designing officially begins. I’ll send mock-ups and live previews of the design throughout the process, and we'll collaborate on edits to ensure the perfect result. 


Once you've approved the template design, I will get to work refining it for mobile and prepping for launch. I’ll also deliver any files, the video tutorial, and helpful tips on making the most of your gorgeous new site.




Which platform do you work with?

I work exclusively with Squarespace, one of the fastest growing, easiest to use and most innovative platforms around.


How long does the process take?

It depends. Some projects are complete in a matter of weeks, others take months. Many factors determine the timeline of the project, from the complexity of the site to how responsive the client is. The creative process is unique and best not rushed. My goal is to keep things moving at a steady pace to accommodate any launch goals you may have.


Can we set up a call to discuss my project?

During the process, we will communicate via email as there are so many details to cover. It’s truly an invaluable tool to be able to look back on our correspondence and make sure no detail has been left behind. I do schedule occasional calls as needed but find the email method absolutely works the best throughout the process. I’m also available via text for quick answers and updates.


How much does it all cost?

When working with me, your investment will look like this: Squarespace Business or Commerce plan (view pricing ), my design fee (view pricing), domain name (typically $10-$20 annually.)


How do I pay you?

All payments are graciously accepted through Paypal. For standard orders, my payment schedule is as follows: a non-refundable deposit (25% of project fee) is required to complete your booking and guarantee your spot on my design queue. 50% of the remaining balance is due at the beginning of the design process, and the remaining 50% is due prior to launch. Please see my design terms for details on rush order and a la carte payment schedules.


I’ve already purchased a domain. Can I use it?

Absolutely, and I can help you connect it. If you don’t have one already, I recommend purchasing directly through Squarespace.


How will you know what I want my site to look like?

We'll begin the process with my design questionnaire. The questions are designed to provide me with an in-depth understanding of your design aesthetic and needs for the site. I'll send you mock-ups and live previews throughout, from the mood board to the final draft, to make sure every detail is perfect. You may read more about the process here.


What can I do to make the process go smoothly?

The most helpful thing you can do is have your content ready. Gather the images and text you want to use on the site and organize it by page so it’s ready to send when I need it.


Why don’t you work with Wordpress?

Long story short, there are too many moving parts. Wordpress requires separate hosting and an outside developer to execute the site design, making it a more expensive process. Squarespace yields a similar result without the need for outside hosting, expenses and resources.