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Website/Blog Design

The questionnaire is the most important part of the process. It allows me to get to know your aesthetic, and sets the foundation for a smooth design process. The more detail, the better.

Click the button below to view my color guide, and please take your time thoughtfully answering the questions to the right.

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Your Name
Please list 3 websites/blogs/brands you like the look & feel of:
Color Palette
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List below all pages you need on your site, even the ones that are not included in the top navigation (aka: terms, privacy policy, etc)
Found on all pages at the top, near the logo (Home, about, contact, services, etc.)
example: slideshow of images, featured links, Instagram feed, welcome message, recent blog posts, etc.
Found on all pages at bottom of the site (Instagram, search, navigation, location, privacy policy, email sign up, etc.)